【Result Announcement】“Little Hearts‧Great Minds” 3rd Asian Youth & Children Art Competition 2022


【Result Announcement】

“Little Hearts‧Great Minds” 3rd Asian Youth & Children Art Competition 2022
Under the epidemic situation, we received approximately 2,500 of artworks from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.

The theme of Competition this year is “A Beautiful Moment”.  The artworks showed a variety of themes, they fully demonstrated participants' different interpretations, their diversity, efforts and skills. Younger children's works reflect their precious innocence and imagination, while the works of older students are more cautious and detailed and teenage students tend to pursue form, technique and style.

Children expressed more about the happy things they encountered with their family and friends in daily life. The works of older students expressed a wide range of themes. Many beautiful people and landscapes are shown in their works, as well as many beautiful moments and feelings, may it be study, interests, dreams, friendship, various life experiences, and various expressions of love for animals and the environment surround them. All those reflect participants' different interpretations, thoughts and views on the theme. The works also brought lots of joy, memory and reflection to us. We sincerely thank you for everyone’s efforts and participation. We hope to see many more wonderful works in each year!

Those Artworks areAwesomeCreativeBeautifulAmazingCool, thank you for your EFFORT!!!

Comment & Recommendation by the OC

Comment & Recommendation
  1. The organizing committee (OC) hopes that participants complete artworks by themselves, so that the works can reflect children’s innocence and authenticity of the paintings, and the OC do not want the instructors to intervene too much in the paintings or paint for participants. Excessive adult intervention in the work does not get higher marks, but loses more points.
  2. The competition has a theme, so whether the work fits the theme will count for a certain score. The expression that fails to meet the theme will have a lower score in this part, which will affect the overall score and ranking. The OC hopes that instructor can encourage children to understand the meaning of the theme and their ideas in the painting when guiding them to create.
  3. The OC encourages originality and creative ideas of the creators/participants, and does not encourage copying paintings or paintings with modelling patterns. It is hoped that participating institutions and their tutors will encourage originality and paintings that can show children's own ideas, innocent thoughts and creativity.
  4. Points will be deducted for any work that violates the rules of the competition, such as the use of paper material that does not match, size that does not match or paintings that contains collage elements, etc. Instructors who guide children to do their artwork should pay attention to the competition rules so as not to affect the scores of their students who take part in the competition.

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