【Judges Meeting】 “Little Hearts‧Great Minds”3rd Asian Youth & Children Art Competition 2022

【Panel of Judges】
Below is the Panel of Judges of the “Little Hearts‧Great Minds” 3rdd Asian Youth & Children Art Competition 2022. The judging work of the competition will start soon. Results will be released on 30 April 2022 through website and Facebook of HKAEA. Thank you for all your patience and support!


【Judges Meeting is Finished Successfully】
The judges' meeting for the “Little Hearts ‧ Great Minds” 3rd Asian Youth & Children Art Competition 2022 organized by the Hong Kong Art Exchange Association is finished. We would like to thank you all participating schools', art centres', institutions', participants’ and parents' support, as well as our judges for their time and effort in this event.
Under the epidemic situation, we received nearly 2,500 pieces of art works from different countries/regions such as China, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Results will be then announced on 30 April 2022 at our website www.hkaea.hk and Facebook.
Special Thanks: Hong Kong International Young Artists Society for provision of venue for the judges meeting.